What is the Average Cost Of Papaya Per Pound?

Packed with Vitamin A, Papaya is a great fruit to eat. Not only eye health, but papaya has countless other health benefits to offer. Papaya is widely consumed in the US as a great and healthy fruit.

How much is papaya per pound? What is the average cost of papaya in the United States? You can find papaya for less than the average price of kiwi. Papaya can be found at a very affordable price in the market.

Average Cost of Papaya ($1.48/pound)

The average cost of papaya is $1.48 per pound in the US, varying on the fruit’s size and weight. However, you can find papaya at various prices depending on the availability and production volume.

A pound of papaya can be found for around $0.95 in the market. In peak season, the prices may go up due to the increasing demand for the fruit.

The majority of the papaya available in the US market is grown and harvested from the state of Hawaii. It contributes a lot and caters to the entire regional demand for papaya.

You can get papaya for up to $3, depending on the fruit’s size, weight, and quality. Most stores have an average starting price for papaya starting at $1. This is why it is essential to understand the papaya price comparison by store

Papaya Price Comparison By Store

The primary thing about papaya is that there isn’t any variety, mostly only in the original variety around the US. So you will find only one type of papaya in the US.

There may be papaya products or processed fruit pieces in a can. But consumers in the US like to eat papaya as a whole fruit.

Mentioned below are the prices of a traditional papaya fruit compared with other fruit prices to give a better understanding. Papaya can be found all year long, and the peak season for sales is known as the early summers and the season of fall.    

You can find papaya in many retail and wholesale stores across the US. Here are the price comparisons to give you a better idea.

Fresh Papaya Salad

Store NamePrice Per Pound
Meijer$4.59 (Large-Sized)

These are the top three stores in the US where you can find papaya at very affordable rates. Walmart and Meijer have good competition for the prices they offer.

Walmart may offer the lowest prices, but the difference between Walmart’s price and Meijer’s is very less. However, Meijer has the highest rate you will find for papaya. The reason can be as they don’t sell papaya by the pound.

You can find papaya at Meijer according to the size of the fruit. You can get lowered prices at Walmart if you purchase in bulk. All these stores primarily sell papaya as a whole, fresh fruit as there is high demand for it.

Papaya is not available only in the US but is easily available worldwide. So why not compare papaya prices with other countries to get a better idea.

Papaya Price Comparison By Country

CountryPrice Per Pound

These are the top 5 countries that grow and produce papaya worldwide. All these countries contribute to papaya production worldwide.

Most of the papayas are grown in Hawaii and imported to other states in the US. On the other hand, papaya is grown and harvested in 60 countries, mostly the developing economies.

The price of papaya fluctuates throughout the year depending on the production volume and the demand by the consumers. The price of papaya is the highest in India.

You may have to pay extra during the peak season for papaya. As we mentioned, the peak consumption time of the year for papaya is early summer and fall. Due to its health benefits, people love to consume it throughout the year.

Now that you have a good idea of the price of papaya compared to the other countries. It is essential to compare the price of papaya with other fruits to get a better idea of the affordability of papaya.

Below is a list of papaya prices compared to other fruits’ costs. This is a fun part for many consumers as it gives them a better insight into the market.

Papaya Prices Vs. Other Fruits

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Navel Oranges$1.45

These are the widely consumed fruits around the world. However, each fruit contains different characteristics, which may play a vital role in the prices.

Here you can see the prices of Raspberry are the highest among these fruits in the American market. On the other hand, papaya comes above banana and looks like the most affordable fruit for many people.

However, every year the prices increase due to a change in production volume and demand regionally and internationally. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the average prices of fruits every year.

How Much Does Hawaii Contribute to the Papaya in the American Market?

Hawaii is where most of the American papaya is grown and harvested. Then from Hawaii, most of the papaya is sent to other states such as California and New York.

Hawaii contributes majorly to the production volume of the US. In 2020, the total production of papaya was 8.280 million pounds. This is a very big number compared to many other fruits as well. 

From our analysis, the reason for such a low price of papaya in the US is the high production volume and moderate demand for the fruit. During the peak season, the demand for papaya may see a spike resulting in the prices going up.