Average Cost Of Oranges (Table Chart)

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits in the United States, regularly ranking in the top 5 most consumed fruit, along with bananas, apples, strawberries, and grapes.

Oranges are not the cheapest fruit to buy, nor are they the most expensive, and with prices increasing for almost everything in recent years, it’s important to know the average cost of oranges to see how they can fit into your food budget. 

Average Cost Of Oranges In The United States

The average cost of oranges in the United States is $1.81 per LB, which doesn’t take into consideration specific oranges, such as navel oranges that are on average $1.41 per LB.

Your city and region within the US will also play a big factor in the average cost of oranges, as will the actual store that you purchase your oranges from.

Orange Price Comparison by Store

The average cost of oranges doesn’t take into account the types of oranges you buy, the store you buy them from, or even if you buy them in larger quantities; it’s simply an overall average price for “oranges”.

Across the US, you have access to a number of stores that set different prices for the same type of product, so comparing the average price of specific types of oranges across stores gives you a better understanding of where to shop.

Navel Oranges

You can see in the table below that navel oranges have a range of prices across stores, so it’s often a good idea to get average prices for all of your food and price check stores to see where they fall on all the items you need.

StorePrice Per OrangePrice Per LBPrice Per 4 LBsPrice Per 8 LBs

It’s also worthwhile to buy in bulk if you plan to use a lot of oranges as the price drops the more you buy. Most stores have up to 8 LB pre-packaged oranges, which will be cheaper on average than picking out 8 LBs of individual oranges, as you’ll either be paying per orange or per LB.

You can get further discounts in stores by joining their free rewards programs in most cases. Stores will offer a member vs. non-member price on most items, and that can include the pre-packaged oranges.

Organic Navel Oranges

Organic oranges no matter the store or location will be more expensive than regular oranges, though the average price difference between organic oranges and regular oranges is relatively low for most stores.

What you can see though is that average prices per organic orange vary more than the per LB price, which indicates the actual oranges are likely varying sizes between stores. So keep an eye on the per LB price rather than individual orange prices.

As with regular oranges, it will be cheaper to buy in bulk. Most stores have organic oranges in pre-packaged 3 LB bags, which will also be cheaper than buying 3 LBs of individual oranges.

StorePrice Per OrangePrice Per LBPrice Per 3 LBs

Orange Price Comparison by Country

The average cost of oranges per lb ranges around the world and many factors raise or lower the prices. However, on average, the US has the 3rd most expensive oranges globally.

Most Expensive Countries

RankHighest Orange CostAverage Cost Per LB
2South Korea$2.15
3United States$1.81
4Puerto Rico$1.79
5Hong Kong$1.65
10New Zealand$1.32

Cheapest Countries

On the other end of the spectrum, the ten countries with the lowest average cost of oranges are quite far from the average cost of oranges in the United States.

When you compare the US at $1.81 against Syria at $0.23, that’s almost eight times more expensive for a comparable piece of fruit.

RankCheapest Orange CostAverage Cost Per LB
100North Macedonia$0.44

Oranges Vs Other Fruits Prices Comparison

The average cost of oranges per lb is in the medium range of price when compared to other standard fruit that you’re buying at the supermarket. Bananas are by far the cheapest fruit you can buy, at almost three times cheaper per lb than oranges.

The prices can go up and down depending on what type of oranges you’re buying; as you can see, the average price of navel oranges is lower.

FruitsPrice Per LB
Gala Apple$1.99
Navel Oranges$1.45
Seedless Grapes$2.20

Oranges Price Increase

The average cost of oranges has been increasing reasonably steadily over the past 20+ years, with a slightly bigger increase in the average price for 2022 so far, and in more recent years, the average price has been going up slightly faster than previous years.

YearPrice Per LB