Average Cost Of Nectarine Per Pound

Nectarine is an under-rated and relatively rare fruit in the US. Many of you may consider it to be the same as peaches. However, there is a key difference.

This fruit does not have a fuzzy exterior like the peaches and tastes slightly different. Typically, Nectarines are more expensive than the average cost of grapefruit per pound.

They are not the most expensive but not the cheapest fruit on the market. So you must have adequate funds to buy this fruit in the US and around the world.

Average Cost Of Nectarine In The United States ($1.88/Lbs)

As per the USDA, the average retail price of nectarine is $1.88 per pound in the US. However, remember that the figure varies depending on the shop and vendor. Farmer’s markets relatively have high prices because the fruit is sold according to per piece price.

Besides that, the average price also fluctuates throughout the year depending on the production. Regions with lower volumes of nectarine have the highest prices due to shortage.

Meanwhile, you will experience a relatively reasonable price in moderate or high volumes regions. Typically, California has a higher average cost of nectarine than other regions.

Apart from that, nectarine price also changes from one store to another. Some sell the fruit at a wholesale rate while others charge high to make a profit.

Comparing the store prices will help you choose the right shop for your nectarine needs. Another thing to remember is that this fruit is also rare in most wholesale stores.

Nectarine Price Comparison By Store

The average price of nectarine does not consider the different varieties or regions. The cost of the standard fruit will help you decide whether nectarine is worth buying.

In most stores, you will find different categories of nectarine. For instance, you will come across the per piece and per pound sections.

Besides that, organic yellow nectarine is also available in the US in different places. So understanding the prices of these types will allow you to buy suitable fruit.

Nectarine Per Piece

Store NamePrice
Albertsons$1.20 – Small
$1.40 – Large

These are the four major stores that sell nectarines in the US. Target has an exceptional variety of things, but it does not provide fresh or prepacked nectarines.

Besides that, the earlier stores also do not sell prepacked nectarines. You will have to get the pieces of this fruit for consumption.

Meijer has the lowest price for nectarine because it sells the fruit at a wholesale rate. Walmart also has a relatively lower price for a large yellow nectarine.

You can also save some money by getting a one-pound bag of nectarines for your fruit needs. However, remember that the size of the fruit determines the weight and price.

Nectarine Per Pound

Store NamePrice
Albertsons$2.99 – Small
 $3.49 – Large

Walmart, Meijer, and Kroger have almost the same cost of nectarines in the US. Meanwhile, Albertsons sell this fruit at the highest prices, depending on the size.

Remember that the exact cost can vary slightly from the earlier figures. This is because the bag’s total weight can be more than slightly one pound because of the different nectarine sizes.

The good news is that you can save some money using the membership card of the stores. Moreover, the store may also give you a discount for buying a bulk amount of nectarine.

Organic nectarines are also available at some places but remember that this type has higher prices than the standard fruit. So you may break your bank by getting this variety.

Organic Yellow Nectarine

Store NamePrice
Albertsons$1.60 per piece
Albertsons$3.99 per pound

Organic yellow nectarine is available only at Albertsons in the US. You will not come across this variety at Walmart, Meijer, Target, or other stores.

You will also find this type at the farmer’s or wholesale markets. However, the prices at these places vary depending on the vendor and the size.

Besides that, you can also negotiate the price of organic nectarine at the farmer’s market. You should also compare the cost according to the countries.

Nectarine Price Comparison By Country Per Export Value Share

RankCountryPrice Per Kilogram
6United States$1.80

These are the top seven countries ranked with descending export value share in the global market. Typically, nectarines are not expensive and easy to grow in most countries.

This is why the average price of the multiple countries is within a reasonable range. You can get nectarines at a wholesale rate from open markets and some retail stores.

Besides that, the demand for nectarines is relatively moderate as people prefer other fruits. Moreover, consumers buy peaches over this similar fruit because of the better taste and lower price.

The US ranks relatively low in the top export value share list, so you can expect moderate prices in this country.

You can also consider other fruits if you want to improve your health. The best part is that you can easily compare the prices to get a beneficial item at a low price.

Nectarine Vs. Other Fruits Prices Comparison

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Navel Oranges$1.45

Nectarine falls in the middle range compared to other fruits in the US. People consume bananas, oranges, apples, and pears more regularly.

Besides that, the availability of nectarine in the major stores is low, and there are not many organic varieties. So most people choose peaches over this fruit.

The cheapest way to buy this fruit is by getting a one-pound bag instead of individual pieces. You can also visit the farmer’s market to negotiate the price of the item.