Average Cost Of Kiwi Per Pound

Kiwi is one of the elite fruits that many fitness enthusiasts use for making healthy juices. It has health benefits of high in vitamin C and dietary fiber, can support various conditions such as heart health and digestion, and it is popular among people who are trying to lose weight.

Typically, the cost of kiwi is higher than the average cost of oranges but lower than the average price of raspberry. One of the cheapest places to buy fresh and packed kiwi is Walmart.

Average Cost Of Kiwi ($2.18/Lbs)

The average price of kiwi is $2.18 per pound in the United States. Meanwhile, the cost of each piece falls in the range of $0.25 to $0.75 at the farmer’s market and local grocery stores. Besides that, dried kiwi is about $2 to $5 per pound in the US.

Typically, the average price of kiwi depends on multiple factors such as time of year, quantity, location, and store. A retail shop is also one of the best places to buy this fruit cheaply.

Some stores offer deals such as four pieces of kiwi for $1 during specific periods of the year. Besides that, you can also save money by getting prepacked kiwi instead of open type.

However, you should compare the prices before buying kiwi from a store. This will allow you to buy the fruit from a shop that sells high-quality pieces at a reasonable rate.

Kiwi Price Comparison By Store

The top thing to note is that the average price of one Kiwi piece is $0.25 to $0.75 at most retail stores. This figure does not account for any specific variety of this fruit and is just an average cost.

Typically, people buy fresh kiwi pieces or prepacked kiwi from retail stores. This is why it is best to know both prices to get the suitable fruit without exceeding your budget.

Fresh Kiwi

Store NamePrice Per Piece

These are major stores in the US that provide fresh pieces of kiwi. Most other shops sell prepacked fruits of different brands to offer more flexibility.

However, prepacked kiwi options are more popular than standard pieces. This is because they are relatively cheaper, so you can get more kiwi at a lower price.

Typically, prepacked kiwi is sold in pounds or ounces at retail stores. So the size of the fruit determines the weight and price.

Prepacked Kiwi

Store NamePrice Per Pound

Walmart is the cheapest store for getting different fruits because of the wholesale rate. Meanwhile, Albertsons is the most expensive whether you get fresh or prepacked kiwi.

The good news is that you can get kiwi from these stores at a lower price by using the relevant shop’s membership card or gift voucher. You may also benefit from a deal during a specific period.

It is also essential to understand the price comparison of kiwi by country. After all, it will help you determine whether your region is charging high or reasonably for the fruit.

Kiwi Price Comparison By Country

The price of kiwi in a country depends on whether the region is a major exporter or importer. Growing factors also contribute to the fruit’s cost and the domestic demand.

CountryPrice Per Kilogram
New Zealand$8.27
United States$2.75

These are the average prices of kiwi in the different major countries. The places have been ranked as per the production volume.

Typically, the US has the lowest production volume because of different factors. This is why the price is relatively higher to ensure a smooth supply chain to meet demand.

Of course, you must note that kiwi is more expensive than other fruits in the US. Once you compare the prices, you will understand the gap better.

Kiwi Vs. Other Fruits Prices Comparison

The top-ranking fruits of the US are bananas, apples, strawberries, grapes, and oranges. This is why you must understand the prices of all of them to get a better idea about the rate of kiwi.

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Navel Oranges$1.45

Typically, kiwi is less expensive than the high-end berries in the US. However, it is more costly than other top fruits of the country, such as apples, oranges, and bananas.

Besides that, few stores also sell kiwi slices as a dried snack. Typically, such packets fall in the range of $4 or more. This is one of the reasons why people consider kiwi as an expensive fruit.

The price of kiwi also increases every year because of the demand, growing costs of fertilizers, and much more.

Kiwi Price Increase

Typically, the year-on-year increase of kiwi is about 22% in the US. The price of this fruit was $2.04 per pound in 2015. Meanwhile, the average cost was $2.16 per pound in 2016.

Meanwhile, the average cost of Kiwi in California is $2.97 per kilogram, while the nationwide average is $2.75. This is why you can expect to pay relatively high for kiwi in some regions.

The price will continuously increase with time because of the rising pricing of growing materials. This is because the production volume decreases every year.

Besides that, the US also ranked last in the kiwi production volumes of the top ten countries.