Average Cost Of Grapefruit

Grapefruit is one of the top fruits that people in the US and other countries love. Every year, the production of this item increases to meet the high demand. This is why the average cost of grapefruit changes frequently.

The top thing to note is that grapefruit is not the most expensive item. For instance, the average price of raspberry is higher than this fruit.

If you want to know more about the average cost of grapefruit, you’re in the right place. Below is all the information you need.

Average Cost Of Grapefruit In The United States

The average price of grapefruits in the US is $1.25 per pound and $1.69 per kilogram. During the 90s, this fruit cost about 50 to 60 cents. However, from 2004 onwards, the price has hit the one-dollar mark and increases every year.

Besides that, the US is also the top exporter of this citrus fruit and had the highest exporting price in 2020. This is because of the increasing supply and demand of grapefruit.

However, you must remember that most stores will sell you grapefruit pieces. You can also purchase pre-packed bags from specific shops to save money.

Of course, the top thing that will help you save money is understanding the prices of different stores. Each shop has a different policy and average rate because of various factors.

Grapefruit Price Comparison By Store

You must remember that the average grapefruit price comparison by store does not account for the multiple varieties. This is because the options are numerous, and the cost differs from one vendor to another.

Typically, the two prevalent options in most retail stores are red grapefruit and organic grapefruit. Their taste and prices vary significantly, so you must understand the cost difference.

Red Grapefruit

Here are the prices of red grapefruit at different stores in the US:

Store NamePrice Per Piece

These are the average prices of the major stores that sell grapefruits in the US. You must remember that the cost varies due to size, weight, and other factors.

Another famous grapefruit variety is the organic type that many fitness enthusiasts prefer. Typically, the average cost of this category is greater than the standard price.

Organic Grapefruit

Here are the prices of organic grapefruit in the US:

Store NamePrice
Walmart$1.50 per pound
Kroger$1.99 per piece
Albertsons$2.99 per piece

Walmart is the cheapest store for getting high-quality grapefruit because of the pre-packaged bag. However, individual pieces cost more at retail stores and the farmer’s market.

The average price of grapefruit in the US may seem relatively high to you. Because of this, you should understand the cost of this fruit in different countries for a fair comparison.

Grapefruit Price Comparison By Country

The average cost of grapefruit is different in various countries because of the different supply, demand, growth factors, and much more. However, the US is one of the top exporters of this fruit.

Here are the average prices of grapefruit in different countries:

CountryAverage Price Per Kilogram
United States$1.69

You must note that all these prices are in US dollars and should not be confused with other currencies. Typically, Turkey is the cheapest country for grapefruits.

Of course, the average price also varies from one region of the country to another. However, the primary thing to note is that you should expect to pay more than $1 for every kilogram of grapefruit in different countries.

The primary reason behind the high prices of grapefruit is physical growing factors. For instance, less land is available to produce this item, so harvests decrease yearly.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you can also consume other fruits at lower prices. You can do that by comparing the cost of grapefruit with different fruits on the market.

Grapefruit Vs. Other Fruits Prices Comparison

The top fruits of the US include bananas, oranges, raspberries, and much more. Here is a table to help you compare the prices of these fruits with grapefruits in the US:

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Navel Oranges$1.45

As you can see, grapefruit is one of the cheapest fruits in the US as compared to other items. You can get it from wholesale stores, retail shops, farmer’s markets, and other places.

The cheapest way to get grapefruit is by opting for a pre-packed bag instead of individual pieces. Besides that, the organic varieties are more expensive than the standard red grapefruits.

You must also remember that the price of grapefruit is expected to increase every year. Of course, fluctuations may occur throughout a single year due to demand and supply factors.

Grapefruit Price Increase

The average price of grapefruit will continue to increase this year, as per a report by IndexBox. For instance, the average cost of this fruit was $1.02 in February. This was 12% more than the figure in the same month last year.

Meanwhile, the annual average price of grapefruit is $1.25 in the US. This figure is expected to rise by 4% by the end of the year.

The primary reason behind the price increase is the rising cost of fertilizers and logistics. Besides that, the domestic supply of grapefruit is decreasing due to smaller harvests in California and Texas.

Because of the lower supply, the US will have to import more grapefruits which are adding to the price factor of the fruit. Typically, you will have to pay at least $1 or more for each pound or piece of grapefruit.

Besides that, the price of the grapefruit also varies depending on the size. For instance, Target and Kroger sell smaller sizes, so their average cost is $0.99.

Meanwhile, Meijer and Walmart sell larger grapefruits for $1.49 and $1.32. Of course, the average price also varies during the seasonal period, so you can get the fruit for cheaper during specific months.