What is the Average Cost Of Grape Per Pound?

Grapes are among the top fruits that people consume in the US because of their taste and benefits. Typically, most users purchase the seedless variety of this fruit, but you may encounter seeded types.

How much are grapes per pound? What is the average cost of grapes in the United States? The answer is below and you can compare grape prices by type, store, and country.

Average Cost Of Grape ($2.09/Lbs)

According to the USDA, the average price of grapes is $2.09 per pound in the US. Meanwhile, the US’s average cost of seedless types was about $2.20. So the prices fluctuate every year depending on the production volume, demand, and import rates.

However, remember that you will rarely get grapes within two dollars because of the size and other factors. Most stores have an average starting price of $3.99 for grapes.

Meanwhile, a 2.5-pound bunch can set you back by up to $10. This is why it is essential to understand the grape price comparison by store.

Grape Price Comparison By Store

The primary thing to note about the comparison is that it does not consider the different varieties. For instance, you will come across Thompson and other types under the seedless grapes category.

The following prices are the standard average for the multiple categories to help get the right fruit. Typically, you will encounter green, black, and grapes.

Besides that, the green and red categories also have organic types for healthier consumption.

Fresh Green Seedless Grapes

Store NamePrice Per PoundPrice Per Bag

These are the five major stores in the US that sell seedless green grapes. Meijer has the lowest rate for one pound of this fruit because the shop is wholesale.

Meanwhile, Walmart sells bags of grapes at the lowest price because it provides a discount on bulk purchases. Meanwhile, Kroger is the most expensive store for multiple fruits.

Albertsons is another major store that sells grapes and other fruits at a high price. However, this shop does not offer customers green or black seedless grapes.

Fresh Black Seedless Grapes

Store NamePrice Per PoundPrice Per Bag

These are the three stores that sell black seedless grapes in the US. The variety is relatively rarer in other shops such as Target and Albertsons.

However, you can still get the black seedless grapes at the other stores by opting for a mixed bunch. Typically, such bags have a combination of green and red or green and black grapes.

Kroger has high prices for green seedless grapes but the lowest cost for black seedless types. This is the store you should choose for buying this fruit in bulk.

Red seedless grapes are more prevalent in the major stores and have a better taste. This type also has a lower price than other grapes.

Fresh Red Seedless Grapes

Store NamePrice Per PoundPrice Per Bag

Albertsons is the most expensive retail store for getting different fruits. Of course, the quality of the item also varies.

You can also get the seedless grapes for $5.98 at Albertsons during the website sale. Meanwhile, Walmart is the best place for high-quality yet cheap grapes.

Another interesting feature of the red variety is that it comes in a seeded type. You can also consider getting this to save more money.

Red Seeded Grapes

Store NamePrice Per PoundPrice Per Bag
KrogerVary in-storeVary in-store

These are the two stores that sell the red seeded varieties. You can get the item from Walmart in-store and online.

Meanwhile, Kroger only sells this fruit type in the stores. So you will have to contact your nearest branch. The price varies from one location to another.

Besides that, organic grapes are also readily available in retail stores. Typically, these types are more expensive than the non-organic varieties.

Organic Green Seedless Grapes

Store NamePrice Per PoundPrice Per Bag

Meijer and Kroger offer fresh organic seedless grapes and charge relatively high. Albertsons sells a prepacked box of this fruit without the stems, so its prices are lower than the other stores.

You can also get the red seedless grapes for taste difference instead of the green ones. However, the prices of the two are more or less the same.

Organic Red Seedless Grapes

Store NamePrice Per PoundPrice Per Bag

Walmart has the lowest price for organic red seedless grapes, while Meijer has the highest cost per bag.

The top thing to note about these grapes is that all stores provide USDA-approved organic grapes. You can also compare the prices by country to determine whether you should get imported fruit or not.

Grape Price Comparison By Country (Per Production Volume)

RankCountryPrice Per Kilo
3United States$3.07

These are the countries the top-producing countries of grapes in the global market. The price of grapes in the US is in the middle range and fluctuates throughout the year.

You will have to pay during the seasonal period because of high demand. Besides that, you can also buy this fruit from retail stores in bulk to get a discount.

Gapes Vs. Other Fruits Price Comparison

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Navel Oranges$1.45

The price of grapes is in a higher range as compared with other fruits. This is because of the difference in production volume of this item.

Grapes’ price steadily increases every year. This is due to the global market fluctuation, in-country production volume, and consumer demand.