Average Cost Of Cherry Per Pound

Cherry is one of the tastiest fruits you will come across in the US and other countries. It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components to improve your health.

Typically, cherries improve recovery from exercise and also enhance your heart health. However, this fruit is also one of the expensive ones on the market.

Average Cost Of Cherry ($8.99/Lbs)

The average price of cherry ranges from $7 to $12 per pound in the United States. Besides that, the starting cost of this fruit is $8.99 per pound at most stores. Of course, the actual price will vary depending on the quantity.

Typically, this is considered an expensive range in most countries, including the US. This is because you can get other fruits at a lower price. For instance, pears have an average cost of $1.52 per pound in the US.

Of course, there are many fruits that are expensive in the US. For example, the average cost of raspberries is $8.42 per pound nationwide.

So cherries come under the costly fruits category, which is why most stores don’t sell fresh pieces. Instead, you will come across prepacked cherries at a place such as Target and Kroger.

Besides that, the average price of cherry also varies from one store to another. This is learning the cost will help you buy your favorite fruit from a reasonable shop.

Cherry Price Comparison By Store

The price of cherries depends on multiple factors in stores, such as the quantity and the variety. Most places also provide only prepacked jars of this fruit instead of fresh pieces.

You must remember this cost comparison is mainly based on the average price of the fruit. This means it does not consider the different varieties you can purchase.

After all, there are multiple varieties of this fruit because of which the prices can vary significantly.

Red Cherries

Store NamePrice Per PoundPrice Per Bag

These are the two major stores that will sell you cherries at a wholesale rate. The primary feature of these shops is that they provide you with fresh open bunches.

Of course, you can also get prepacked cherries from these stores. Meanwhile, shops such as Walmart, Target, and Kroger do not provide fresh fruit in this category in most regions.

However, you can still learn about the fruit availability by contacting the store before visiting. The clerk will tell you whether they have fresh open cherries or not.

Typically, you will find Maraschino cherry jars at most other stores in the US. These are famous for offering high-quality fruit at a reasonable price, so you may want to consider purchasing a jar.

Maraschino Cherry

Fancy Dark Maraschino Cocktail Cherries
Store NamePrice Per 16 ozPrice Per 6 oz

Maraschino is the top brand that sells red cherries in jars in the US and other countries. The best part about the item is that it is delicious and offers customers high satisfaction.

Typically, you will come across multiple varieties of Maraschino cherries. The prices mentioned earlier are the average cost according to the ounces.

You should also note that these jars are less than one pound which is why they have a relatively low price. Typically, a 16 oz container is equivalent to a one-pound bag of cherries.

Another thing you must do is compare the prices of cherries according to different countries. This will help you learn whether you are paying relatively high in your native country or not.

Cherry Price Comparison By Country

CountryPrice Per Kilogram
United States$96.65

These are the top four countries ranked as per the production volume. Typically, the top three places grow a large number of cherries every year.

This is why the prices of the fruit are relatively high and may break your bank. Because of this, most stores don’t sell open fresh pieces of cherries.

Instead, you will come across prepacked varieties such as the Maraschino cherries. Besides that, you may also encounter dark and unsweetened cherry packets.

Of course, you will be able to find fresh cherry pieces at the farmer’s market or the wholesale foods market. You should prepare yourself to break your bank by buying more than one pound of fresh cherries.

Many factors affect the high prices of cherry, including production volume and seasonal period. The harvest fluctuates every year because of which the prices also differ.

Typically, you will have to pay a high amount when production volume is low because of a shortage. Meanwhile, you will also suffer from high charges during the peak period.

You should also compare the prices of cherries with other fruits to make a better decision. Some of them offer similar or more health benefits than this fruit at a reasonable price.

Cherry Vs. Other Fruits Prices Comparison

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Navel Oranges$1.45

These are the most consumed fruits of the US every year. As you can see, cherry has the highest average price per pound.

You should also remember that this average cost can also rise to up to $12 per pound, depending on the fruit’s availability. The United States also ranks high in the production volume list every year.

The cheapest way to buy cherries is by getting prepacked jars. Many stores such as Walmart and Meijer sell containers of this fruit at a wholesale rate.

Another way to get cherry at a reasonable price is by buying the fresh fruit in bulk from a wholesale market. However, remember that you will still have to pay relatively high for this fruit.

You can also get unsweetened cherries to decrease the average price. However, these are rare in the farmers and wholesale markets. So you will have to shop from a retail store.