Average Cost Of Blueberries Per Pound

Blueberries are among the top fruits Americans like to consume because of their health benefits and taste. Cultivated or known as highbush blueberries are widely consumed in the US and around the world.

Being widely consumed but blueberry is one of the fruits that the US is the highest producer of. It is one of the native fruits of North Americans as well.

The primary feature of blueberry is that it has a lower price compared to other fruits in the US. For example, the average cost of kiwi is more than the average cost of blueberries in the United States.

Average Cost of Blueberries ($4.2/ Lbs.)

The average price of blueberries in the US is $4.2 per pound. However, the prices of blueberries fluctuate a lot every season, depending on the production volume, demand, and import rates.

You will find blueberries under $5, depending on their size and other factors. However, wild packaged berries can be found for higher prices in stores as the cultivated blueberries share a higher market share due to availability.

Every season the prices of blueberries see an increase. This is an issue many people are facing, and they are confused about why the prices aren’t being controlled.

In most stores, blueberries start from the price range of $2 per pound. You can find different prices at different stores. It is important to understand the comparison of various stores.

Blueberries Comparison By Store

The primary thing to note about the comparison is that it does not consider different varieties. The following prices mentioned below are the standard average price of blueberries you can find in various stores.

You can find blueberries under two categories: Wild and Fresh blueberries. Both the variety has different prices. Mentioned below comparison will help you get a better idea.

Fresh Blueberries

Store NamePrice Per Pound

These are the top four stores in the US that sell fresh blueberries. Walmart offers the lowest for a pound. This is due to Walmart being the wholesale shop and producing blueberries themselves.

Therefore, they offer such an affordable price for blueberries. At the same time, Target is offering the highest price for blueberries per pound.

This is because Target has a low range of fresh blueberries and mostly sells packaged and branded blueberries that are frozen or dried.

Wild Blueberries

Store NamePrice Per Pound
Meijer$3.89 (12 oz.)

These are the top three stores that deal in the wild blueberries variety in the US. The variety is relatively rarer at Target.

However, you can still get wild blueberries at other stores and mostly mixed fruit. Typically, those bags combine all the berries grown in the US.

Meijer offers a lower price for wild blueberries, but that is for the 12 oz. The bag they sell is under their label. They don’t offer any 1 lb packages.          Therefore, Walmart sells the wild blueberries for the lowest among these top stores. No doubt why Americans love shopping at Walmart.

Organic Blueberries

This is a variety of blueberries few selected stores sell. They are one of the rarest varieties of blueberries to find in the US. However, since the pandemic has hit, the demand for organic fruits has gone up.

Store NamePrice Per Pound

These are the top two stores that deal in organic blueberries. Walmart does sell organic blueberries, but only dried ones. Therefore they don’t fall under this category.

Meijer is offering the lowest price for organic blueberries. Their blueberries are USDA organic approved and of great size and quality at affordable prices.

Blueberries Price Comparison By Country (Per Production Volume)

RankCountryPrice Per Kilo
1United States$9.24
3Poland$8.98 – $14.46

These are the countries the top-producing countries of blueberries in the global market. On the other hand, the price of blueberries in the US is the highest and fluctuates throughout the year.

In addition, the US is the highest producer of blueberries in the world. Out of the global production of blueberries, the United States has a share of around 52% alone. The production of blueberries in the US started in 1914 and is of the highest quality you can find in the global market.

Many factors play an important role in the high prices of blueberries. Spain is the country with the lowest prices for blueberries.

Since the pandemic, the global market of every product has changed in many ways, and blueberries could be one of them. Let’s see how the prices of blueberries are compared to the prices of other fruits.

Blueberries Vs. Other Fruit Comparison

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Gala Apple$1.99
Navel Oranges$1.45

As you can see here, the price of blueberry is comparatively higher than other fruits. Demand, global market dynamics, and many other factors play a role in setting the price of fruit. This is why the prices fluctuate throughout the year.

The prices of blueberries have seen a rise in the US over the past years. The United States is the highest producer of blueberries but still can’t meet the domestic demand for the fruit. This is why the price keeps going up.