Are Walmart AirPods Real? (Real & Fake Prices)

Originally, made by Apple, AirPods provide such amazing sound quality and easy control over the sound features of your phone. These features have made AirPods so popular that almost everyone now wants to use an AirPod.

However, Apple AirPods are a bit expensive and this has given rise to ripoffs and off-brand AirPods that come at lower prices. Now, Walmart is popular for low and competitive prices and the retailer has many of these AirPods for sale at very competitive prices.

This has given rise to many questions about the authenticity and quality of Walmart AirPods. In this article, we seek to answer the all-important question, Are Walmart AirPods real? Read on while we provide the answer to this question and many related ones.

Are the AirPods at Walmart Real?

Walmart have real AirPods, as the retailer sells original Apple AirPods both in-store and online. However, there are also fake replica models that look like Airpods in Walmart for much lower prices. This means that whether or not you get a real AirPod at Walmart depends largely on your budget and preferences. 

Being a big and popular retail store, Walmart offers a wide range of AirPod options for sale. You get the opportunity to choose from your favorite ones:

  • Apple AirPods
  • AirPods Pro
  • AirPod Max
  • Refurbished AirPods


AirPods are the first set of audio earbuds from Apple. They come with good sound quality and many users have commended the comfort that comes with wearing them. They sit on the outer part of the ear and do not need to go deep into your ear canal. What’s more, AirPods have an average battery life of about 4.5 hours, meaning you can use them for long hours. 

AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is a step ahead of the AirPods. The “Pro” is there for a reason and the major reason is the better performance it provides. You get a much better sound quality and noise cancellation with the AirPods Pro. The only snag with the AirPods Pro is the fact that it sits inside your ear canal, and many users find it uncomfortable. 

Refurbished AirPods

You can also get the Refurbished AirPods at Walmart. This class of AirPods is previously sold to customers who returned them for various reasons, which could include damage or defects. These damages and defects are corrected and the AirPods are repackaged and sold to another user.

Fake AirPods

However, you can also get fake or generic brand of AirPods at Walmart. These models, although they look a lot like Apple AirPods, are cheaper and of less quality than the original AirPods. The sound quality is not up to par and many users have complained about the charging and performance of these models. 

These are the types of AirPods you can find online and in-store at Walmart. Depending on your preference and budget, you can get any of them.

Walmart’s AirPods Prices

AirPods TypeWalmart PriceApple Price
AirPods Pro$150-200$249
Refurbished AirPods$81-$95N/A
Refurbished AirPods Pro$150-$181N/A
Fake AirPods$15-$30N/A

The price of Walmart Airpods depends largely on the type you want to buy. Starting from the original ones, you can get Apple AirPods from about $100 to $150. The AirPods Pro is a step ahead with regards to price too, as their price starts from about $150 to almost $200. The refurbished AirPods are a bit cheaper because they come at lesser prices. 

You can get a refurbished Apple AirPods for $81 or $95 at Walmart and a refurbished Apple AirPods Pro could go for as low as $181. 

The dupes and rip-off models go for way less than these prices. And when we say ‘way less’ we mean prices within the range of $15 to $30. They are ridiculously cheap, but so is their quality. 

Do Walmart’s Fake AirPods Work?

Of course, Walmart’s no-brand AirPods work. They play sounds, which means that they work. However, the quality is the issue here as there have been many reports of issues bordering around charging, performance, sound quality, and durability. 

Users have complained about the connection issues as the no-brand Walmart AirPods have problems staying connected to devices, unlike the original AirPods that connect seamlessly to devices. 

There are also complaints about the battery life, as these no-brand Walmart AirPods need to be charged every other hour for continuous use. 

In summary, these cheap AirPods are good for short-term use or one-off activities such as jogging or workout sessions. If you want a long-lasting and quality pair of earbuds, you may want to go for the original Apple AirPods on Walmart.

Walmet’s Real vs Fake AirPods Battery Life

Because there are different classes of AirPods available for sale at Walmart, it is a bit difficult to give a simple and straight answer to this question. However, the battery capacity, which is also the ability of a battery to hold a charge for long, for original AirPods is strong. 

Battery LifeAirpodsAirpods ProFake AirPods
Single Charge Listening5 Hours4.5 Hours1 Hour or Less
Single Charge Talking3 Hours3.5 Hours1 Hour or Less
Multiple Charge Listening24 Hours24 Hours1 Hour or Less
Multiple Charge Talking18 Hours18 Hours1 Hour or Less

An Apple AirPod from Walmart will last about 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talking time when on a single charge. However, if you charge the AirPods multiple times using the case, you can get about 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talking time. 

To get an idea of how well the case charges the AirPod, a 15 minutes charge in the case gives you about 3 hours of listening time and 2 hours of talk time.

How to check charge status: You can check your battery charge status by using your AirPods case or your iOs Devices.

For the AirPods Pro, the situation is a bit different. For instance, you get 4.5 hours of listening time and 3.5 hours of talking time with a single charge. Multiple charges within the case allow you to enjoy 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talking time. A five-minute charge of the AirPods Pro in this case gives one hour of listening time and one hour of talking time. 

Reports of users who opted for the fake models of the AirPods from Walmart showed that the AirPods cannot carry a charge for a long time. The AirPods need a charge every one hour of use, which means that you need to constantly charge them to be able to use them conveniently.

Are AirPods at Walmart Real?

Yes, Apple AirPods at Walmart are real, but Walmart also carry generic brand of AirPods look a like. If you want to make sure that you are buying real AirPods from Walmart, check the package to see if it actually says Apple AirPods, and the price should not be rediculously lower.

If you are on budget and want to buy the generic AirPods look alike, they also do work but expect lower lifespan and shorter battery life.