Are Best Buy AirPods Real? (How Much?)

Packed with high tech features and boasting impeccable build quality, Apple AirPods function as an essential companion and a symbol of elegance. But with superior quality and reputation come too many fakes that would attempt to capitalize on Apple’s popularity.

Some of those knock offs are so very similar to the real AirPods that one might realize it only after a few days have elapsed. This makes it imperative to be extremely sure that the AirPods you buy are genuine.

The Best Buy AirPods are sold as sealed packs and the batch numbers and barcodes all tally with authentic Apple codes. They are brand new and are real AirPods.

Best Buy is known for their branded items, and when it comes to AirPods too, that reputation stands. For this article, we reviewed the gadgets ourselves and took user experience into consideration too. User experience tells you a plenitude in terms of the quality and authenticity of any item sold online.

Types of AirPods at Best Buy

Best Buy sells all current models of AirPods with several buying options. Their collection includes Brand New AirPods as well as refurbished ones. Although the items are real AirPods, there are some very important points to consider before buying one, mainly because they have multiple options including refurbished items.  

AirPods Max

These are the top of the range AirPods available in the market. Those who can part with 500USD for an absolutely amazing music experience then this is the option in the Apple collection. Armed with 8 microphones for Active Noise Cancellation, this exquisite over-ear design AirPods are a statement of luxury and refined taste.

AirPods Pro

For those who can afford to pay some extra money for the best in-ear AirPods available, then the Pro version is available at Best Buy. This feature packed gadget has Active Noise Cancellation that would come in remarkably helpful in noisy surroundings.

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

This is the latest real AirPod model that is sold with a wireless charging case. The wireless charging case, which makes charging much easier than with a regular wall charger, is the only reason for the higher price.

AirPods  with Charging Case

These are again the same Airpods with the standard charger which would save 30 USD yet giving the same amazing sound quality everyone is after. Saving some money without compromising sound quality is the best thing to take away from this bundle.

Refurbished AirPods

Best Buy AirPods sold as refurbished are certified by Geek Squad, a subsidiary of Best Buy that ensures the quality of refurbished items. Started more than a decade ago, Geek Squad has been a reliable certification for Best Buy refurbished electronic items, and refurbished AirPods go through a comprehensive quality checking process before getting the certified label.

Open Box AirPods

Best Buy AirPods can be bought as brand new or refurbished, but there are options of Open Box items in 3 categories namely, Open-Box Excellent, Open-Box Satisfactory, and Open-Box Fair. Although the open box items are real AirPods, buying open-box items should be done carefully since different individuals expect different levels of quality when it comes to purchasing open-box items.

Best Buy prices of AirPods

 All Brand New AirPods come with 6 months FREE Apple Music

AirPods Max$499.99* $41.67/mo. financing  option AppleCare + for 2 Year Plan $59
AirPods Pro$189.99AppleCare+ for 2 Year Plan $29.00
AirPods with Charging Case$119.99AppleCare+ for 2 Year Plan $29.00
AirPods with Wireless Charging Case$149.99AppleCare+ for 2 Year Plan $29.00

Main features of real Airpods

Before we move on to the authenticity of Best Buy Airpods we must get to know the gadget well so that our examination would make sense. According to the Apple official specifications, the original Airpods have many attractive features:


  • Active Noise Cancellation – a technology that cancels the background noise in order to isolate only what is played through the headphone speakers.
  • Dual beamforming microphones – a feature that improves voice capture.
  • Accelerometers for speech and motion detection – a feature that is meant to activate some of its features when the user is ready to communicate. This intends to extend battery life by staying low when not in use.

Airpods Pro

  • All features of Airpods
  • Transparency Mode – a feature that allows you to hear what others speak, if you choose to.
  • Adaptive EQ – a feature that would provide an exceptionally great sound experience by adjusting the volume of different soundtracks to a uniform level.
  • Force sensor – a feature that measures the strain and then adjusts it to respond sufficiently, improving the quality of voice.
  • Inward-facing microphone – microphone facing the ear rather than outside, thus capturing more voice and less atmospheric sound.

AirPods Max

  • All features of AirPods Pro
  • Optical and Position sensors for each ear cup
  • Gyroscope for left ear cup
  • Eight microphones for Active Noise Cancellation

Brand New, Open Box, or Refurbished AirPods

The sticking point in purchasing any electronic item is the decision making when there are too many options to consider. While a brand new set of AirPods is definitely the best way to go, you can upgrade it to higher specifications if you are willing to buy open-box or refurbished AirPods.

However, there can be a few compromises if you choose to upgrade to better hardware by going for a refurbished item. A refurbished item has literally been in someone’s ears. Although you can clean them that might still be a thing that would trouble you later on.

Then there is the lifetime matter. A used set of AirPods has lost a significant amount of its lifetime and may start showing age sooner than you would expect.

Open-Box items, on the other hand, still have almost the same lifetime left in them as a brand new item, and the discount you get for being “open-box” could be fully worth it.

Our Advice

It all comes down to quality and budget in the end. Therefore, if you can find really good refurbished AirPods at Best Buy, then you may go for it, but it is strongly recommended that you thoroughly check the quality before buying. But the best recommendation is that you buy brand new AirPods, or good quality open-box AirPods after testing all features.