AMC Stubs Rewards Program (Everything You Need To Know)

AMC officially launched its loyalty program AMC Stubs in April 2011. Anyone can join for free and earn 20 points per dollar spent on eligible purchases at participating AMC theaters. 

You can redeem these points for rewards including free food upgrades, ticket discounts, and free drinks.

AMC Stubs Membership Levels

There are 3 membership tier levels for the AMC Stubs Rewards program. They are AMC Stub Insider, AMC Stub Premier, and AMC Stub A-list membership. Below are some of the membership tier benefits.

Cost of Membership$0 (Free)$15$19.95
Points per dollar spent20100100
3 weekly movies
Free popcorn/drink upgrade
Free large popcorn refill
Priority lane
$5 Ticket Tuesdays
$5 rewards per 5000 points
Birthday rewardLarge popcornLarge popcorn/drinkLarge popcorn/drink
Online ticketing feeWaived if 4+ ticketsWaivedWaived

AMC Insider (Free)

AMC Insider is the basic membership level in which members can earn 20 points per dollar spent on eligible purchases. The members can enjoy benefits like a free movie, free food, annual rewards, and weekly discounts.

AMC Premier ($15)

AMC Premier member is the next level membership status which allows members to earn points faster with 100 points per dollar spent. They will get access to more member benefits and exclusive offers like free ticket reservations and priority lanes.

AMC A-List ($19.95-$23.95)

AMC A-list is the elite status level that allows members to earn 10 points per dollar spent on qualifying purchases. They can enjoy more perks like 3 weekly free movies, priority on movie formats like Dolby, IMAX, and free food. AMC A-list membership cost between $19.95 to $23.95 depending on the State. For example, it is $23.95 in California.

AMC Stubs Membership Benefits

With a total of 5000 earned Stub points, members will be given a $5 virtual reward that can be used to purchase eligible food and beverage items. More points will get you to reach the elite membership level. You will get a free refill reward and free food upgrades for every purchase.

  • Anyone above 13 years can enroll in the program.
  • Earn 20 points per dollar.
  • Free refills on every purchase.
  • Earn points for movie rentals.
  • Free size upgrades.
  • 2% back in rewards.
  • No online ticket fees for Premier and VIP members.
  • Tuesday discount movies.
  • Members-only movie screening.
  • Sponsoring sweepstakes.
  • Point promotions.
  • Movie reminders.
  • Limited time offers.
  • Priority seating.
  • Birthday rewards.
  • Quick service.

How to Earn AMC Stubs Points

After creating an AMC Stubs account, you can watch movies and start earning points with a maximum of 100 points per dollar for eligible purchases at participating AMC theaters. The earned points will be added to your account within 24 hours of purchase.

When you purchase tickets at an in-theater kiosk, online, or other approved ticketing partners, you need to present or enter your account number during box office and concession stand transactions.

The purchases including tickets, food, and drink will be awarded on the following business day after the ticket purchase. Concession stand transactions and Dine-In theater purchases will be added immediately to the member’s account.

How to Get AMC Points Faster

AMC Stub members can earn 3x points when they rent or buy movies. For example, American Underdog movie is available to rent or buy at a rate of $5 which helps to earn 100 points.

You can earn points faster by renting or buying movies with AMC’s On-Demand Movie Sale. You can earn points on each purchase and watch the latest movies.

AMC theater provides eligible members with point promotions which help to earn points faster. However, each promotion program has their own set of terms and conditions and require the members to register for the promotion. The announcement and updates will be notified through email or SMS.

Earn AMC Points Using Gift Cards

You can earn points when you make purchases using gift cards. However, points will not be awarded for gift card purchases, retail merchandise, alcohol purchase, or membership fees.

Some of the gift card usage and the corresponding reward points are mentioned below.


Get Free AMC Points with Sweepstakes

AMC theaters periodically sponsor sweepstakes which help members to earn points by participating and winning the program. For example, AMC’s Instant Win promotion program partnered with Coke introduced gameplay. 

The members can participate by entering a code provided using the Coca-Cola app and the winner is notified with an award prize.

Maximum AMC Points You Can Earn Per Day

While AMC Insider can earn up to 10,000 points per day, Premier and A-list members can earn up to 50,000 points per day. Insiders can complete more than 10 transactions per day.  However, these transaction limits can be increased on special event days.

Members can convert these accumulated points to get rewards like virtual rewards. For every 5000 points earned, you will be rewarded $5 that is eligible at participating AMC theater locations. The reward amount will be added to the account once it is activated.

Learn more: AMC Rewards FAQ

How To Redeem AMC Stubs Points

After logging in to your AMC rewards account, open the Rewards section and select the preferred reward that you wish to redeem, and activate the reward. The points will be deducted from your account after using the reward.

To redeem your birthday offer, you can simply include the birthday items like popcorn and drink in your order during any day of the birthday month.

You can view the current point balance and recent transactions on the home screen of your account. The rewards and the collected points are valid for 270 days after activation.

Best Ways to Use AMC Points

The best ways to use AMC points are to book movie tickets and concession purchases online or in-theater. With the accumulated 5000 points, a $5 virtual reward is offered for members at participating theater locations and approved ticketing partners.

Members can activate a $5 virtual reward by converting the points into rewards including food and beverage purchase. However, the reward has no cash value.

AMC InsiderFood and Beverage
AMC PremierFood and Beverage
AMC A-ListBox Office Tickets, Food, and Beverage

When you purchase large size popcorns using your points, you can get the additional benefit of refilling one extra-large popcorn on the same day. You need to show the valid receipt on the food counter to get the free refill of popcorn.

Premier and A-list members can also upgrade the size of popcorn and fountain drinks from regular to large.

AMC Cameo Combo

Members of AMC Stubs can get a $5 Cameo Combo at any participating theatre. Just present your card and email address at the time of purchase.

With the Cameo Combo, the members can combine a pair of Cameo size popcorn with a choice of drinks for $5 every Tuesday at participating AMC theaters.

AMC Discount Tuesdays

As per AMC’s policy, the available and activated rewards are considered as discounts. For example, Discount Tuesdays reward is available for members on every Tuesday showtimes. 

It applies to full-price tickets and member numbers should be provided on the transaction to get the discount. However, additional charges will be applied on special event periods. A-list members can make reservations for Tuesday discounts in advance to watch in-theater movies.

AMC Stubs Reward Discount Examples

AMC periodically offers limited-time deals and promotions for the members in which they can enjoy movies with a low ticket fare. The deals and offers will be updated through email or texts. The latest offer of AMC includes Monday rentals where you can rent movies at a low rate. Some of them are:

Spider-Man (2002)$3
Scream (1996)$2.99
Take Shelter (2011)$3
Insidious: The Last Key (2018)$3.99
Moana (2016)$3.99

Black History Month Sales

During Black History month, AMC offers special movies that can be purchased or rented with the earned points. Some of the top Black History Month sales include:

King Richard119399
A Journal For Jordan399

Weekly 50% Discount Movies

AMC provides Weekly deals movies with a 50% discount to its members. The movies include:

The Green Knight119159
The Lost Leonardo19199
The Avengers 4 Movie Collection699

Some of the participating AMC theater locations offer a 30% discount for everyday Matinee movies. WIth AMC Theater On Demand, you can earn and use points by renting or buying selected movies with a point earning on each purchase with no subscription fee.

AMC Stubs Membership Management

New members need to create an account on and build a profile. A member number will be provided for new members. The existing members can simply log in to their accounts.

How to Sign Up

During enrollment, the members will be asked to provide an email address and preferred theater to receive benefits and reward notifications. The membership is valid at participating AMC theaters in U.S locations.

You can enjoy the member benefits by earning and redeeming points through the AMC website or downloading the AMC app.

How to Renew

AMC Stubs members can renew the membership any time by selecting the “Redeem Now” button on the dashboard of your account or you can set up automatic renewal.

How to Cancel

To cancel AMC Stubs membership, by selecting View Plan Details button on the account and click Cancel Plan. Once canceled, you cannot rejoin for 6 months.

Is AMC Stubs Rewards Program Worth It?

AMC Stubs Rewards is worth joining as the program offers a lot of offers and discounts on the latest movies and offers free in-theater food and beverages for members. They also provide limited-time deals and offers on special days with a low ticket fare. 

AMC members can also reserve seating and priority lanes for ticket booking. They also offer discounts for students, seniors, and children with a $12 discount weekly.

Premium members can make seating reservations that include power reclining. The members can also enjoy IMAX, 3D, BigD, PRIME, and Dreamscape at AMC theater locations.