Amazon Return Policy On Furniture (Oversized, Used, Damaged + More)

Amazon offers an excellent return policy that allows you to return almost any item within 30 days of purchasing. Many items have free return options up to 50 lbs; otherwise, you will need to pay for shipping or find your own shipping options. 

You can return some items to an Amazon Hub Locker. However, there are size restrictions on these lockers, returning large furniture may not be possible through this method.

Ensure you check your item specifically so you know what the return window is and what you must do to return it; items could include baby registry items such as diapers, gifts, beauty products, jewelry, and supplements.

Can You Return Furniture to Amazon?

You can return furniture of any kind to Amazon for any reason within 30 days of delivery. You will need to select an appropriate carrier to return your item, which could have a cost associated with it depending on the size of the item and the original conditions you purchased the item under.

Lightly Used
Heavily used

Amazon will try to assist with issues before you return them. If you have warranty issues you need to contact the manufacturer, which may be a better option than a return.

You must return the item with all accessories that came with it, including cushion, legs, and any provided documentation. You should include all original packaging with your order to ensure a speedy return process.

How to Return Furniture At Amazon

You can return furniture to an Amazon Hub Locker rather than through the mail. You can drop off your return at one of 18,000+ locations for free if that’s more convenient than a post office.

Ensure that your furniture and the packaging you use are within the limits of the Amazon Hub Locker; otherwise, it won’t fit, and you’ll have to return the item by mail.

Ensure when you package your item that it’s no larger than 18 in x 14 in x 12; otherwise, it won’t fit into the return locker.

  1. Log into Amazon or create an account
  2. Go to the returns center
  3. Enter your order number included on the shipping receipt in your package.
  4. Select search and select the items you wish to return.
  5. Select “Return To Amazon Hub Locker” and choose your preferred location
  6. You’ll receive a drop-off code via email along with a reminder of the location.
  7. Package your item and take it to your selected drop-off location
  8. Enter your drop-off code.
  9. The Amazon Hub Locker will provide further instructions on the screen.

You will have until the close of business the following business day to return your item. Amazon does not guarantee a space in the lockers after your reservation has expired. 

You can still try to return your item or cancel and reserve your space again for up to 30 days from your original return attempt.

How to Return Furniture By Mail To Amazon

You can return furniture by mail, using a variety of carriers that best match your location. However, if your return label does not include postage, you will need to pay for the return using whatever method you want or drop the package off at an Amazon Hub Locker.

Items not eligible for return are most often third-party sellers or international orders and oversized items in the case of furniture.

  1. Log into Amazon or create an account
  2. Go to the returns center
  3. Enter your order number included on the shipping receipt in your package.
  4. Select search and select the items you wish to return.
  5. Select the return method, which could include USPS, FedEx, or another carrier.
  6. Package your item, including the return authorization inside the package
  7. Add the return label with the address to the outside of your package.
  8. Take your item to the nearest drop-off location for the carrier you picked.

You can use the same box that your item arrived in or a similar-sized box. 

You may request pickup of your item if it’s too bulky, but this is often with a third-party carrier, and there could be a $50 shipping charge for this option. If it’s available, you will see the option in your return process.

Types of Amazon Returns

You can return almost all furniture items through a return label with a carrier dropoff or an Amazon Locker as long as it fits. Amazon gives you 30 days to initiate and return your item.

You can return gifts for an Amazon credit, but you can’t return gifts over $2,000 and the original purchaser will need to initiate the return to the original payment method.

Oversized items that you can’t return yourself may be eligible for pickup service. However, that will depend on the options available in your return process and what carriers are available in your area.

You can’t return final sale items unless they are defective, and you will need to contact Amazon customer support rather than the returns process to initiate a problem ticket. Amazon will let you know if an item is a final sale at the same you make your puchase.

What If I Can’t Mail or Return My Furniture By Myself?

Amazon offers several options which will be provided to you based on your actual returned item. For bulky items such as couches, you may have the option of a pickup of your item by a third-party carrier.

Amazon may charge you $50 for the pickup, but the cost will not change if you’re returning multiple items together. So two couches will still only cost you $50 for return in most cases.

You may also take your furniture to another location if that is more convenient, such as Kohls’s, which now accepts Amazon returns. But you need to ensure that is one of the options before taking it to Kohls.

Kohls will even package your furniture for return which is potentially easier for smaller items but will be more challenging for larger items. You will still need to disassemble your furniture for shipping.

Can I Return Used And Damaged The Furniture?

If you receive damaged furniture on delivery, you can arrange a return for a refund or replacement. However, if you’ve damaged the furniture due to misuse or dragging it into location, your return may not be approved, or you may not receive a full refund.

You should contact Amazon customer service to advise of the damage and see your options. If the damage was due to a product defect while using your furniture normally, a refund or exchange might also be possible.

Stains, cuts, rips, or other damage caused by you through misuse will not be covered under the return policy.

Amazon Return Exceptions

What If The Return Window Has Passed:  You can not return furniture past the return window, but you may have a manufacturer’s warranty with your product if a defect or issue is found after the return window closes.

Check with the manufacturer what they will cover based on your specific issue. For example, they may offer an exchange or repair for defective furniture.

What If The Item Is Damaged: If the furniture arrives damaged, you can return the item without issue. If you damaged the item through misuse, you might not be able to return the item for a full refund, but a partial refund may be possible.

What If I Don’t Have A Receipt: You do not have to provide a receipt; just follow the instructions provided by your return process. 

This may require you to include a return authorization in your return shipment or provide you with a QR code that needs to be scanned at a locker or drop-off location.

What If I Don’t Have The Original Packaging: Amazon does require packaging to be returned with the product, but in many cases, they are lenient on packaging being missing or ripped.

If you simply don’t have the packaging anymore and still want to return the item, you can contact Amazon customer support to see if the missing packaging will be an issue or if there will be any deduction on your refund.

What If The Item Has Already Been Used: Lightly used furniture is not a problem to return. It just needs to be in a like-new state or have a defect that you can advise Amazon.

Heavily used, soiled, ripped, or otherwise damaged furniture that you damaged will not be accepted for return, or you won’t receive a full refund depending on how damaged the furniture is.