Amazon Return Policy On Diapers (Extended Returns, Disposable Refunds + More)

Amazon return policy on diapers allows you to return most items for free within 30 days of receiving your order. Amazon will refund or exchange most items for almost any reason.

You don’t need to provide the original packaging for your refund, thanks to Amazon’s lenience on returns.

Before you return your diapers, you need to know the difference between Amazon’s return policy on reusable diapers and disposable diapers.

Can You Return Diapers to Amazon?

You can return unused reusable diapers within 90-days of delivery for a refund or exchange. You cannot return disposable diapers to Amazon unless the item is defective, incorrect, or there is something wrong with the order.

Unopened Disposable
Unopened Reusable
Lightly Used
Heavily used

You can only get a refund or exchange for unreturnable items if the item is incorrect or damaged. Unlike other Amazon returns, simply changing your mind on the item isn’t an option for returning or getting a refund on the item.

Amazon Return Policy On Diapers

Almost all baby items have a 90-day return or exchange window, but it will indicate if it’s returnable or just refundable when you purchase the item. You can return any item that is returnable for a full refund or exchange for any reason.

If The Return Window Has Passed

Your return can only be processed within the return window, and Amazon does not allow you to extend this.

You can return, exchange, or get a refund on diapers that you purchase for 90 days. Amazon extends this return window if your diapers came from a baby registry or other gift registry.

If you buy your diapers during the holiday season, which is October 1 to December 31, you can return the diapers until January 31.

If The Item Is Damaged

You can get a refund or exchange on defective diapers as long as you make the request in the return window.

Disposable diapers won’t need to be returned. But reusable diapers will need to be returned if not used.

If You Don’t Have A Receipt

You don’t need to provide a receipt and may not even need to return the item. You simply need to go through the return process on the Amazon website, which will indicate if you need to print a return authorization form to include with your return.

If You Don’t Have The Original Packaging

Original packaging is not a requirement for Amazon baby products, including diapers. But if you still have the box, it would be best to return it for a faster refund.

If The Diaper is Used

Any used diapers can not be returned to Amazon and will not be accepted for refund if you do that. 

How to Return Diapers At Amazon

You can return reusable diapers to an Amazon Hub Locker rather than through the mail. You can drop off your return at one of 18,000+ locations for free if that’s more convenient than a post office.

  1. Log into Amazon or create an account
  2. Go to the returns center
  3. Enter your order number included on the shipping receipt in your package.
  4. Select search and select the items you wish to return.
  5. Select “Return To Amazon Hub Locker” and choose your preferred location
  6. You’ll receive a drop-off code via email along with a reminder of the location.
  7. Package your item and take it to your selected drop-off location
  8. Enter your drop-off code.
  9. The Amazon Hub Locker will provide further instructions on the screen.

Ensure when you package your item that it’s no larger than 18 in x 14 in x 12; otherwise, it won’t fit into the return locker.

You will have until the close of business the following business day to return your item. Amazon will not hold your reservation or guarantee a spot in the locker past this window. 

You can still try to return your item or cancel and reserve your space again for up to 30 days from your original return attempt.

How to Return Diapers By Mail To Amazon

You can return reusable diapers for free by mail. However, if your return label does not include postage, you will need to pay for the return using whatever method you want or drop the package off at an Amazon Hub Locker.

Items not eligible for return are most often third-party sellers or international orders.

  1. Log into Amazon or create an account
  2. Go to the returns center
  3. Enter your order number included on the shipping receipt in your package.
  4. Select search and select the items you wish to return.
  5. Select the return method, which could include USPS, FedEx, or another carrier.
  6. Package your item, including the return authorization inside the package
  7. Add the return label with the address to the outside of your package.
  8. Take your item to the nearest drop-off location for the carrier you picked.

You can use the same box that your item arrived in or a similar-sized box. 

Types of Amazon Returns

You can request a refund or exchange within 90 days only if the product is incorrect or there is a problem with the item. Unfortunately, you can not get a refund or exchange just because you changed your mind.

Amazon will accept unused reusable diapers for a full refund or exchange for any reason within 90 days of receiving the product. You can’t return used reusable diapers and you should try to. If you find a problem or defect you should contact Amazon support to address the issue.

Gift items from a baby registry can be returned for up to 365 days from delivery if purchased by somebody or the standard 90 days if you are buying it yourself.

If You Ordered Wrong Diapers

Amazon may allow you to get a replacement product while keeping the original diapers, but you can not return them due to state and federal regulations. You can request a refund or exchange and indicate the diapers had a problem.

In some situations, Amazon doesn’t require returning items but does issue refunds or exchanges when the item is too cheap to process, or they can’t accept the return.

Amazon will ban your ability to return items if you’re returning too many on a regular basis, and it doesn’t matter what items you are returning. Amazon doesn’t provide a public policy on how or when they will restrict your ability to return items.

Returning Unopened Diapers To Another Store

If Amazon won’t accept your unopened diapers and you don’t need them, it’s possible to return the unopened diapers to another store without a receipt for a full refund of the cost the store sells the diapers for.

Stores such as Target or Walmart will accept returns of diapers without a receipt, but you will need to provide your details in case you’re doing it too often; these stores may ban you from returns just as Amazon can.