Amazon Return Policy On Clothes

Amazon is one of the top shopping sites that allow you to buy various things. The online store has a general return policy that can vary from 30 to 100 days, depending on the item.

You can learn more about Amazon’s return policy on jewelry to learn about the time window. Besides that, you can also understand the Amazon return policy on beauty products.

If you are wondering about the store’s policy on clothing returns, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know about it.

Can You Return Clothes To Amazon?

Amazon allows all customers to return clothes within 30 days of purchase for a total refund. You must maintain the original packaging, tags, authenticity certificates to return the clothes. The best part is that you can give back the item using various ways.

The top thing to note is that you can return various clothing items to Amazon. For instance, you can get a refund for shoes, shirts, bottoms, blouses, and much more.

A vital feature of the return process is that Amazon offers free returns for some products. This means you will not have to pay additional charges to give back specific items.

Besides that, it is also advisable to learn the returning process at Amazon. After all, the store allows you to give back clothes through multiple methods.

How To Return Clothes At Amazon?

Amazon offers multiple ways to allow you to return clothes without making much effort. You can give back the item by using drop-off services at locations you can access readily.

Apart from that, you can also use pickup options to give back one or more pieces of clothing. The store also has Amazon Hub Counter locations for returning small packages.

You can also use Locker or Locker+ services to return your item without facing many charges. Besides that, some locations also have QR scans that you can use to return the clothes.

The best part about the scan locations is that they allow you to make a package-free return. Amazon also has a carrier team for managing heavy-bulky items.

Lastly, Amazon also enables you to return clothing by mail as the primary option. So you must learn this process well for easy management.

How To Return Clothing By Mail To Amazon?

The first thing you must do to return clothes by mail is log into your Amazon account and go to the order history. Then, you should find and select the item you want to give back by clicking on the return button.

Once you click the return button, you will have to choose a reason for giving back the item. The store will also show you the options for processing the return.

Finally, you should click on the free return label option to get redirected to a new page. You must print that label and attach it to the package of clothes you are giving back.

Lastly, you should drop the package at your nearest UPS branch so that it can be delivered to Amazon. The key thing to note is that the store does not cover the shipping charges.

Besides that, you have to follow specific guidelines when returning clothes to Amazon. For instance, you may want to know if you can give back the item without a tag.

Can I Return Clothes To Amazon Without Tags?

Amazon does not allow any customer to return clothes without tags as per its free returns policy. So you must make sure not to give back any item without tags because the store will reject it.

You should also note that the store will not ship back your clothes if you return them without tags. Instead, Amazon donates the wrong products to different places.

So be sure never to send an unacceptable item to Amazon through mail or other methods. Otherwise, you will not only lose your money but the articles as well.

Does Amazon Accept Underwear For Return?

The online store accepts underwear returns only if the garment has not been opened. This means that the packaging must be intact, and the tags must be present on the item.

The store will not allow you to return the opened underwear for hygiene reasons. Not only that, but Amazon cannot resell the item if you don’t maintain its packaging.

Another thing that you must remember is that Amazon has a stricter return policy on clothes. This is why you may want to know if you can get a refund after the 30 days window.

Can I Return Clothes To Amazon After 30 Days?

Amazon may allow you to return clothes after 30 days, depending on the seller. Typically, the store does not offer a total refund if you submit an item after the due date.

Sometimes, the store may not offer you a return option at all if you give back the item late. This is why you should contact the help center to understand the process for your article.

Besides that, you may also be able to enjoy some return exceptions at Amazon. This is because the store has different policies for each item.

Amazon Clothing Return Exceptions

The top clothing exception that Amazon offers is free returns on specific products. This means that you will not have to pay shipping charges to give some clothes.

Apart from that, the store also allows you to cancel the clothing return if you accidentally completed the prompts or changed your mind.

However, you should remember that Amazon does not have return exceptions for opened products. You must give back the item with original packaging, or the store will reject your request.

Besides that, you cannot return damaged or altered clothes if the error was on your part. For example, the store does not allow you to give back an article after you have gotten it resized.

Lastly, Amazon allows you to track your refund status for ease of use. You can do this by going to your order history. Then, you should click on the tracking status to see the update.