Amazon Return Policy On Beauty Products (Makeup, Skincare + More)

Amazon offers a standard 30-day return policy on all unopened or unused items. You can return items for free by mail or drop items off at various locations throughout the country. In most situations, you get a refund or exchange the product depending on why you need to return the item.

The return policy can differ for products, so you’ll want to check on specific items that you wish to return. Ensure it’s possible to return items, and if you can get a longer return window. There may be other things you need to consider before returning some items.

You should check your specific items, such as gifts, baby registry items, jewelry, diapers, furniture, and supplements.

Can You Return Beauty Products to Amazon?

Amazon accepts the return of most beauty products, including makeup and skincare that you haven’t opened within 30 days of delivery, and you will receive a refund or exchange.

Lightly Used
Heavily used
Luxury Store Items
Personal Care Items

You can’t return some personal care products, and Amazon considers these final sales and indicates to you when you purchase them.

If you opened or used the product, it’s still possible for you to return it. However, if the product has been heavily used, Amazon may not accept your return unless you found a problem.

Amazon may not accept luxury store items where you removed the safety seal, and Amazon will indicate this to you when you purchase the product under the return policy.

You can return defective items, whether luxury or not, but Amazon will check them, and the defect that you report

How to Return By Mail

You can return most items for free by mail. However, if your return label does not include postage, you will need to pay for the return using whatever method you want or drop the package off at an Amazon Hub Locker.

Items not eligible for return are most often third-party sellers or international orders.

  1. Log into Amazon or create an account
  2. Go to the returns center
  3. Enter your order number included on the shipping receipt in your package.
  4. Select search and select the items you wish to return.
  5. Select the return method, which could include USPS, FedEx, or another carrier.
  6. Package your item, including the return authorization inside the package
  7. Add the return label with the address to the outside of your package.
  8. Take your item to the nearest drop-off location for the carrier you picked.

You can use the same box that your item arrived in or a similar-sized box.

How to Return Using Amazon Hub Locker

You can return most items to an Amazon Hub Locker rather than through the mail. You can drop off your return at one of 18,000+ locations for free if that’s more convenient than a post office.

  1. Log into Amazon or create an account
  2. Go to the returns center
  3. Enter your order number included on the shipping receipt in your package.
  4. Select search and select the items you wish to return.
  5. Select “Return To Amazon Hub Locker” and choose your preferred location
  6. You’ll receive a drop-off code via email along with a reminder of the location.
  7. Package your item and take it to your selected drop-off location
  8. Enter your drop-off code.
  9. The Amazon Hub Locker will provide further instructions on the screen.

Ensure when you package your item that it’s no larger than 18 in x 14 in x 12; otherwise, it won’t fit into the return locker.

You will have until the close of business the following business day to return your item. Amazon won’t guarantee your reservation after that time, and there may not be space available to return your item. 

You can still try to return your item or cancel and reserve your space again for up to 30 days from your original return attempt.

Items Allowed for Return

You can return standard beauty products unopened or lightly used within 30 days of delivery to receive a full refund or exchange. Amazon is very lenient on its returns policy, so you shouldn’t have any issues unless you fall into one of the exceptions.

Luxury store items may not be eligible for return if you’ve opened or broken the safety seal; Amazon will indicate these items before you purchase them. If you find a defect with the product, then you can return it for an exchange.

You can return gifts for an Amazon credit on your account as long as none of the items are more than $2,000, which will almost certainly be the case for beauty products from Amazon.

Third-party marketplace sellers will have stricter return policies, and that will be dependent on which seller you buy from. Therefore, if you purchase from third-party marketplace sellers, ensure you check their return policy first.

Items Not Allowed for Return

Personal care items such as deodorant or toothpaste may not be eligible for return if opened due to hygiene risks. Defective personal care items will need a support case opened with Amazon to get a replacement product rather than going through the returns process.

You can return most makeup or skincare products even if you opened them. The return policy from Amazon is highly lenient, and your only issue with products will be due to excessive use and return.

What About Beauty Devices?

You can return electronic or beauty devices under the standard Amazon return policy of 30 days from delivery. Amazon expects you to return the item in reasonable condition with all accessories sent to you.

You don’t need to include all original packaging, but missing items may result in a reduced refund or denial of your return.

Beauty Product Return Exceptions

If The Return Window Has Passed: Amazon will not accept returns after the return window has passed. If you find a defect with something after the return window, your only option will be to discuss it directly with the manufacturer under their warranty.

Amazon offers holiday extensions on return policies, so if you purchase something between October 1 and December 31, you will have until January 31 to return the product, which is an excellent option for any gifts you send.

If The Item Is Damaged: If your beauty product is damaged or defective in some way, then you can return it without issue. 

Amazon can deny your returns if you return too many beauty products too often and Amazon finds that the items are always heavily used. There is no official public policy on what is too much, but it does happen in some situations.

Don’t Need A Receipt: You don’t need to provide a receipt, but you must complete the return process online first and provide the return authorization with your package.

You should include the return authorization inside the return package for Amazon to scan and process your refund. If not included, they may be able to use the code on your return label.

If you don’t include the return authorization or use their return label, then your refund may not be processed.

If No Original Packaging: Original packaging is not a requirement when you are buying directly from Amazon.

Marketplace sellers may require all packaging and items to be returned, or they may refuse your refund or exchange request.

If The Item Has Been Used: Amazon is lenient on your usage of products and in most cases, opened, or used items can still be returned.

Be wary of using too much of a product or returning similar products too often. You can be banned from returns at Amazon’s discretion.