Albertsons Just For U Rewards (Free Products & Discounts)

Albertsons members can enjoy exclusive perks like free item purchases, monthly rewards, personalized deals, discounts, free wifi, and a birthday reward. 

After enrollment, members receive $5 as a welcome offer for their next purchase. Everyone can earn 1 point per dollar spent on qualifying purchases. A monthly free item offer is available for members. 

The earned points can be redeemed for discounts on groceries and fuel purchases.

  • Anyone can join for free.
  • $5 off sign-up bonus.
  • Earn 1 point per dollar spent on groceries.
  • Earn 2 points per dollar spent on gift cards.
  • A reward for every 100 points.
  • Free delivery on orders over $30.
  • Discounts and deals.
  • Free shipping.
  • Monthly free item.

What You Get With Albertsons Just For U Points?

With the collected points the members will receive weekly and monthly free item offers, discounts on any grocery purchase and gas, deals, birthday treat, and exclusive offers.

Albertsons periodically offers weekly rewards for members where grocery and fuel savings can be made during in-store or online purchases at any location.

You can use your multiple rewards for grocery in-store r online shopping and fuel purchase. Every grocery reward items are valid throughout the month.

Get Gas Reward With Points

Once 100 points are accumulated, the members will receive a reward. When you redeem your reward points for gas purchases, you will receive 10 cents off per gallon. 

You can redeem 1000 points per fill-up. It is worth $1 off per gallon during gas purchase.

Get Grocery Reward Using Points

The members will get free items and discounts on grocery purchases using the earned points. For example, when you accumulate 700 points, you will receive 7 rewards. When you redeem 700 points for groceries, you can save up to $10 during check-out.

For example, Dannon Light Yogurt and Fiber One bars are free to reward items offered for Just For U members which require no additional purchase.

With the earned points you will get complementary products that are automatically added to your purchased item list. An example is when you buy a lunch meat packet, a free Cheese will be rewarded.

Some of the notable reward grocery items that can be redeemed using points are mentioned below.

Green Onions- 2 countsFREE
Signature Select-Canned TomatoesFREE
Open Nature Greek Yogurt-2 countFREE
Signature Select- Apple JuiceFREE
Red Bell Pepper- 1 countFREE
Lucerne Sour Cream-16 ozFREE
Cucumbers-2 countFREE
Signature Select-Ketchup(20 oz)FREE
Signature Farms Garden SaladFREE
Signature Care Dental Floss(100 yds)FREE

Get Discount With Points

The discount perk for grocery shopping items is available for members that can be exchanged using the points.

Aidells MeatballsBuy 2 Get $1 off
Open Nature Dinner SausageBuy 2 Get $2 off
Signature Select Beef Patties$0.50 off
Yummy Chicken Selections$1 off
Impossible Foods$1 off
Red BullBuy 4 Get $1 off
Johnsonville Sausage Strips$1.50 off
CheribundiBuy 1 $3 off
Orangina$0.50 off

Get Monthly Free item

Just For U members are eligible to receive a free reward item every month that has up to $10 value. However, each offer has a specified expiration time. For example, the latest reward-free item of the month includes a Starbucks drink.

How To Earn Just For U Points?

After creating Albertson’s account, members receive a card and you can start purchasing groceries and gas towards earning the first sign-up bonus reward of $5 off on in-store purchases.

After each qualifying grocery and pharmacy purchase, you will be rewarded 1 point for every $1 spent online or in-store. When you purchase eligible third-party gift cards, you will earn 2 points for every $1 spent.

Additionally, when you purchase selected gift card brands, you can earn bonus points. Some of the gift cards enable you to earn 10x points which helps to save up to 25% on gas.

The earned points will be added to your For U account within 24 hours. Once you reach 100 points, you will receive a reward. Albertsons app enables you to earn rewards by purchasing items and save money with the latest deals and offers.

The accumulated points will turn into rewards that need to be used within the given expiry period. During check-out, points will be deducted from your account.

The members need to enter their phone number or scan their member’s card in the app during check-out to earn reward points.

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Point Expiry

At the end of each month, the earned points of less than 100 will expire. The more points you earn will be added to rewards and are available to use until next month.

How To Redeem For U Points

After in-store purchase, you need to provide your member’s number or phone number at the counter during check-out to redeem the collected points. For online purchases, you can scan your member’s number. The points will be deducted from your account and applied to the purchase.

The members can view their current balance on their account dashboard in the app or website.

How To Sign Up

Anyone can join for free in the Just For U program. You need to create an account by visiting the website or downloading the Albertsons app. You can fill up the valid details and build a profile.

The existing members can simply log in to their accounts to view the deals, perks, and rewards.

After signing up, members receive a membership card that can be used during check-out when earning or redeeming points.

How To Cancel

The members can cancel their Albertsons account anytime by contacting the customer care support team.