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You can find information and answers to questions related to various company. Our researched answers can help you clear questions that you have, as well as tips and recommendations to help you save money and make better decisions.


Comparisons: The first rule of frugal living – always comparison shop before you hand over your money. Always. Unfortunately, comparison shopping is hard work that takes a lot of time. On Frugal Answers, we have done the hard work for you. Can’t decide between 2 options? Check here for help.

  • Car Comparisons: The cheapest and best places to have a car key made, to rotate your tires, to buy car batteries, to wash your car – you can find it all here.
  • Electronics Comparisons: Getting confused by all the models and acronyms of the latest technologies? You are not alone. Samsung A Series vs. M Series. DDR3 RAM vs. DDR4 RAM. How to choose? We are here to help.
  • Finance Comparisons: We will comparison shop financial products on your behalf. Auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, credit cards, debit cards, mortgages, and more – you will find it here.
  • Health Comparisons: Nothing is more important to your health. Being frugal should not mean sacrificing your health. Look for comparisons of health insurance, gyms, health devices, supplements, and OTC drugs here.
  • Living Comparisons: Your living arrangement can have a huge impact on your living expenses. How does living in an RV compare to renting? Living in a tiny house vs living with roommates? It is all in here.
  • Services Comparisons: Service accounts for one of your biggest categories of expenses. Haircut, grocery delivery, photo printing, gyms – the list goes on and on. We help you find the best deals in services.
  • Stores Comparisons: We compare the most popular stores and delivery services – Petco vs. PetSmart, Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime, Home Depot vs. Lowes. Even Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday is covered.

Frugal List: In this section, you will find list after list of anything frugal related. List of different types of Chase credit cards, list of restaurants where kids eat free, list of places to buy cheap Jordans. The list goes on.

  • Frugal Buys: Here, you will find our carefully curated product & store recommendations for the frugal person. The best places to buy Jordans, the best 2-in-1 laptops, the best inexpensive AirPods alternatives – check here first before you buy anything.
  • Apparel Frugal Buys: Our frugal picks for the best shoes, the best jackets, the best pants, the best apparel retailers, and more.
  • Electronics Frugal Buys: Our frugal picks for the best laptops, the best soundbars, the best TVs, the best Bluetooth earbuds, and more.
  • Food Frugal Buys: Our frugal picks for the best restaurants, the best food delivery services, the best cafes, the best ice cream, and more.
  • Service: Here, you will find our carefully curated service recommendations for the frugal person. Streaming video, food delivery, eye exam – find out how to save on services

Money: In this section, you will find everything related to money and finance. Banking, credit cards, insurance, mortgages, taxes, saving money, making money. Our recommendations, questions & answers, comparisons, and how to – they are all in here.

  • Banking: In this section, you will find everything related to banking. The best checking accounts, the best credit cards, the best CDs, the best ways to pay your bills – if it is banking related, it is in here.
  • Credit Card: Want to find the credit cards with the lowest APR? The best cash back rewards? The best benefits for airline tickets & hotel stays? This is the place for you.

Questions & Answers

  • Car Questions: Have questions about cars, driving, or car ride services? Thinking of buying a car? Becoming an Uber driver? Find the answers to your questions here.
  • Electronics Questions: The world of electronics and technology can be confusing. You have questions, we have answers. Want to know the difference between a smart TV and an Android TV? The cheapest place to replace your iPhone screen? Find out here.
  • Finance Questions: Have questions about banking, credit cards, bill paying, insurance, or other financial issues? Find your answers here.
  • Food Questions: Food is a major expense for any household. In this section, you will find answers to all your food-related questions – cake, bread, restaurants, salmon, Amazon Fresh, and more.
  • Health Questions: You will find answers to your health-related questions here – pregnancies, raising babies, health insurance, dental, vision, exercises, and more.
  • Living Questions: In this section, you will find answers to your questions about the way of frugal living. What is a frugal person? How to cancel gym memberships? How to save on rent? All questions are answered here.
  • Services Questions: All your questions about popular and not so popular services will be answered here. PayPal, Amazon, FedEx printing, Walmart eye exams, Hulu, Uber, Disney Plus, Walmart Plus, lost Amazon packages – all service questions are answered here.
  • Stores Questions: All your questions about stores and their products & services will be answered here. Walmart, Costco, Amazon, Sam’s Club, Kroger, FedEx, Target, Home Depot, WinCo, and more.
  • Travel Questions: You can be frugal and still enjoy travels all over the world. Check here for answers to your questions about cheap flights, cheap hotels, cheap theme parks, cheap cruises, and cheap everything travel-related.

Tips & Tricks: In this section, you will learn about all the tips and tricks that help you shop, save money, earn money, save time, and more.

  • Apparel Tips: Check here for all the tips & tricks about clothing & shoes. Tips on finding cheap Jordans? Tricks to give your shoes more traction? They are all here.
  • Car Tips: Check here for all the tips & tricks about cars & driving. Tips on conserving fuel while driving? Tricks to prolong the lives of your tires? Becoming a frugal car guru has never been easier.
  • Electronics Tips: Electronics and gadgets can be complicated and confusing. Our tips & tricks for electronics cut through all the complexity to help make your life easier and simpler. Not to mention less expensive.
  • Free Stuff Tips: Who doesn’t like free stuff? The first rule of frugal living: do not pay if you can get something for free. Come here for tips and tricks for watching free games, getting free trials, going on free vacations, and more.
  • Health Tips: In this section, you will find tips and tricks on everything health-related. Insurance, health services, drugs, exercises, gyms, and more – learn to be a frugal health guru.
  • Living Tips: In this section, you will find all sorts of tips and tricks for living a frugal lifestyle. How to save on your utilities? How to live well on a minimum wage? How to save on entertainment? You will find everything you need here to live frugally.
  • Make Money Tips: Living frugally does not just mean cutting expenses. It is also important to expanse your source of income. In this section, you will find tricks & tips on making money for teenagers, students, retirees, and everyone else.
  • Save Money Tips: One of the keys to living frugally is to know how to find the sweet spot of saving money smartly without decimating your quality of life. In this section, you will find tips on saving on utilities, transportation, gym membership, TV subscriptions, and more.
  • Services Tips: In this section, you will find all sorts of tips and tricks for saving on services. Wi-Fi, haircut, passport photos, credit cards, insurance, transportation, and more – they are all golden opportunities for receiving the frugal treatment.
  • Shopping Tips: Check here to find out the best tips and tricks for shopping. The best days to shop for discounts? The best places to buy sneakers for cheap? All the secret tips are here.
  • Stores Tips: This is the place to learn about all the tricks and tips on your favorite stores. Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Foot Locker – all their secrets are out in this section.