20 Places That Buy Broken Phones and Laptops

Selling your broken phones can be the best to go for you if you’re planning to get a new one soon. This is so as you can use the money from your broken phones to buy a new one easily and quickly. But the question is where you should sell your broken phones to get the most out of the deal. Whether you’re looking for the right places to get value for your used electronics or need money to pay an emergency bill, this article will guide you on the best way to go about it.

In case you’re wondering how this works, here it is:

To sell your broken phones, you must first decide on the online platform where you want to sell your broken phones, you send the broken electronics in while waiting for the buyer’s website to assess the phone and then they’ll provide you with the price best suitable for the phone. However, there are some things you need to have at the back of your mind if you’re planning to have a good resale value for your old phones. In other words, the following factors should be taken into consideration when trying to sell your broken phones:

Avoid Cosmetic Deterioration.  Everyone is looking for good-looking phones to buy. If your used phone has suffered major cosmetic wear it may not attract buyers to want to invest their hard-earned money in it.So make sure you take good care of your phone to be able to command a good resale price should a situation arise for selling it off.

Use a Protective Sleeve. This is mostly important for those types of phones with very costly prices and bodies that are easy to damage or dent. If you’re using iPhone, for example, especially those expensive ones, you must not wait till the body starts to dent or scratch before putting a protective sleeve. The good thing about this is that it will help you protect the phone from deteriorating in terms of the body.

Once you’re able to take all the above factors into consideration, you’ll do fine with selling off your used phones.

But that’s not all. There are still some vital last preparatory and precautionary to check and consider before the actual selling of your broken laptops. This is to ensure you don’t get into trouble or forfeit vital personal information once you ship off the phone.

Things to Do Before Selling Your Used Phone

  • Check All the Technical Areas of The Phone. These include the display, charging point, ports and connections, the battery, the memory, etc.
  • Disclose Any Faults Found. This is important should you not have enough time to fix the fault before selling the phone. You must be ready to disclose every single thing that the prospective buyers will need to fix in the phone before selling it. This is very important for your online reputation and to avoid paying a refund from buyers or paying a shipping fee once should the buyer return it and ask for a refund.
  • Back Up and Delete All Your Files, Erase Your Password. After backing up all your personal data or files, erase all your personal information like your videos, photos, contacts, and text messages from the phone. To wipe your data from the phone, you can do this by either resetting or restoring the phone. This way, it erases all information from your phone including your password. You must disconnect the phone from accounts and devices and also make sure you deactivate or disconnect it from any device with which you must have paired it before. You must carry out all these processes before shipping the phone off. Once you’ve successfully completed all these processes, pack the phone very well in and prepare to ship it off to the buyer. Don’t forget to include all the necessary accessories including the charger, headphones, etc. Proper packing is important to make sure the buyer receives the phone in the same condition as you ship it in. 

Also,you shouldn’t forget to remove your SIM card and SD memory card from the phone. This is important as they contain your information.  

Why You Should Sell or Not Sell Your Phone?

While there are many benefits you can gain from selling your old or broken phones, on the flip side, it can be risky if you fail to do it carefully. As risky as it may sound, you can avoid the risk by following all the factors highlighted above painstakingly.

However, selling your broken phones might be the best thing to do if you think you’ll get more value from selling than trading in or fixing the phone. You just have to measure the benefits of each option and opt for the most beneficial option for you.

20 Best Places That Buy Broken Phones

Short on time? Here are our roundups of the 20 best places that buy broken phones below:

StoreWebsiteFid One Near You
Amazon Trade-InLinkLocation
Best Buy Trade-InLinkLocation
GameStop Trade-InLinkLocation


When talking about online sites that deal in phone and tech trade-in the US, SellCell is a household name and of course No 1. This site has been around for over a decade and it’s a popular marketplace where most US residents sell their phones. Apart from being popular for being one of the sites where you can get the best price for your old phone, this site offers you a handy refurbished phone comparison. They do this by comparing top tech and phone sellers and by also providing users with access to user reviews, payment options, and more.  


We can beat our chest to the fact that gazelle is one of the best online websites where you can sell your broken phone and get value for your deal. Launched in 2008, this site comes in handy for people looking for an easy-to-use web-based trade-in service with free shipping and instant quoting. As one of the leading Ecommerce companies that sell and buy used consumer electronics, this site offers users a simple selling option by buying users’ pre-owned phones and electronics. You can sell or buy your Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPhone, and other used electronics for cash on this website.      

Amazon Trade-in

Does this sound strange to you? Well, we know many people including you will doubt whether or not Amazon buys used or broken phones. If you don’t already know, now is the time to try out this online retail store. With Amazon trade-in, you can exchange your old and broken cell phones for cash, which will be paid directly into your account.

How this works is like this: you visit their website, provide answers to some queries about your phone, and then the Amazon team assess your phone to have an idea of the condition of the phone, and if they find the phone still good enough for the deal, they give you an offer. You can then decide whether or not to accept this offer and then sell your phone.


This is an electronics buyback company that buys broken phones and electronics from thitseir users. Items they buy include pre-owned phones, laptops, wearables, smartwatches, headphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and lots more. They’re mostly interested in brands like Samsung, Apple, Google, Android, HTC, Huawei, ZTE, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, etc.


Decluttr offers a simple and free platform for users to sell and buy used their used cell phones, DVDs, CDs, tech, and gaming consoles. To get started with Decluttr, all you need to do is to visit their website, sign up and display your phone, and then Decluttr will give an instant quote. The good thing about this website is that it’s free to ship and they pay users the same day they receive your item.


Backflip made it clear they offer instant cash on your used cell phones and other electronics. Apart from getting paid fast, they offer users the opportunity of scheduling a free pickup. You can get started with using their services on their official website here.


ItsWorthMore has made selling your old phones, laptops, or tablets for cash a lot easy. Typically, you can receive payment for your used phone within 3-5 business days, once they receive and assess your item. And once your item is approved, payment processing follows within 24-28 hours thereafter.   


This is another site that doesn’t only recycle used electronics but also claims to have a team of professional computer technicians who take the charge of the whole recycling process. So you have got to rely on their expertise should you need to buy broken phones and other electronics from them. You can see things for yourself on their official website here.


Gizmogo is a well-organized and trusted online website that helps users sell their used phones for the best price you can ever think of. 

The best part of this site is that they offer instant quotes, a week price protection on their quotes, and 2 weeks window to send in your item.

Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy Trade-In offers one of the best trade-in services for used electronics. The whole process of the trade-in works smoothly and, in that, you can start by visiting their official website, check to see if your item qualifies for the exchange and then get an estimate for it. Once you’re done with all these steps, you can ship your item at no cost and the company will send you an electronic in exchange for your old phones.


This is another best place to sell your old phones and get paid easily and quickly. You can sell items such as iPad, textbooks, iPod, and more. You can visit their official website here to have a better idea of how the site works.  


As the name suggests, this is a trusted buyback online platform for you to sell your broken, cracked, and financed Apple products and get paid. SellYourBadApples offers one of the best resale values for your Apple products and they process payment within 24 hours of receiving your item.  


QuickSell is an easy-to-use cataloging and sales platform that helps users make an easy product catalog on their used phones and share it with their buyers in a matter of a short time. To get started with using their service, all you need to install the app on your favorite device, choose a product you want to share from your phone gallery, and then give an eye-catching title to the product, and your catalog is ready for use.

GameStop Trade-In

GameStop Trade-In is an online trade-in platform for you to trade in your old phone and other items like game consoles, electronics, etc. for new ones. The good thing about this site is that they offer a gigantic selection of both new and used phones and other electronics to choose from and they offer them at fantastic prices. 


When it comes to getting a place to trade in your old electronics for new ones or sell them off and get paid, BuyBackWorld is one of the best places that come to mind. This site buys used items like cell phones, gift cards, cameras, and other electronics.


BuyBackBoss is an online platform that buys back or allows you to trade in your used or new phones, Apple watches, or tablets. It works by simply letting you visit their website, choose an item you want to sell or trade-in, give details about the item’s condition and age, and then BuyBackBoss will give you instant quotes for the item.  


If you need of urgent cash for your old and broken phones, then you shouldn’t look further. OCBuyBack is an online platform that provides users with the best trade-in services for iPhone, iPad, and cell phones. You can choose to either sell or trade-in your old and broken phones for new ones on this site.


Glyde is an online marketplace that will give you highly competitive prices for you to sell or trade-in your old or new phones directly with consumers. Up until now, you can only trade in your pre-owned Apple phones or Samsung for new ones.  


UpTrade is another online platform that allows users to buy high-quality and certified used phones for lesser prices with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their brands include Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, OnePlus, and Essential. There are 3 steps to get started and they’re spelled out on their official website here.   


SellShark has been around since 2011. As an online platform for buyback services, the company made it clear they’ll buy used electronics regardless of their condition. Although a lot has been said online as to whether or not this site is legit or not, they have dissociated themselves from any Nigerian Prince emailing people or linking SellShark to Nigerian Prince. You can visit their website here for more on how legit this site is.