What is the Best Way to Save Money at Home Depot?

The Home Depot is one of the world’s largest home improvement stores, so you can probably imagine how it’s a place with some great deals and sales. But there are a lot of things that people are missing when they walk into Home Depot.

That’s because shopping at The Home Depot can be done better than most places if you know what to look for and where to go in the store. Here are some money-saving tips to get you started.

10 Best Ways to Save Money at Home Depot

1. Ask for Discount

You may be surprised to learn that Home Depot employees are empowered to take up to $50 off items without having to get prior approval. These are usually items that are expensive, such as those costing several hundred dollars or more. Quite often, the employees will mark down an item without asking, especially if you are making a large purchase. Talk to an employee when you are shopping and see if they can round down the price that will at least save you some money.

2. Daily Specials

Home Depot is known for putting different items on sale for a day, week, or longer. Normally, these are items that are in low demand due to being out of season. For example, you may find deals on outdoor furniture in the fall. A time in which most people are thinking of not being outdoors as the temperatures cool.

The difficulty in daily sales is that Home Depot does not often print or inform customers of when such sales will arrive. Most people find out only after the items have been put on sale for 20% off or more.

3. Discount by Volume

Home Depot has a volume pricing program which means that you may save a considerable amount when you purchase in volume. For the most part, the minimum level of payment is $1,500, but remember that this applies to multiple items that may be put together for a single purchase.

The amount of the volume discount will vary depending on several factors such as the type of items being purchased. Also, you may or may not be able to combine a volume discount with other discounts in the store.

4. Free Shipping & Delivery

This will depend on the items being purchased. This is usually reserved for large ticket items which would have a shipping cost of $45 or more. Appliances are a good example as those that cost just under $400 will have free shipping applied. Another good point about having the items delivered is that you can track the progress on their website.

Free shipping & delivery may be applied to other discounts which allow you to save a considerable amount of money on your purchases. You should consider combining purchases with a large ticket item to get free shipping and delivery on all of it.

5. Military Discount

If you have served our country, then you get an automatic 10% discount from Home Depot. All you need to do is show your military ID. If you do not have a military ID, then you can get one even if you have served a long time ago. The downside is that the discount only applies to in-store purchases, you cannot take advantage of the discount when online.

Still, 10% is 10% which can be combined with other discounts depending on the item sold and the number of discounts that may be applied.

6. Oops Paint

If you need to paint something and are not too picky about the color or texture, then it’s possible to save a considerable amount thanks to Oops paint. This is paint that was not sold to a customer because it didn’t turn out to be the right color or perhaps the texture was off. Regardless, the paint itself could not be sold and now it is sitting normally in a remote part of the store.

You can normally purchase Oops paint for a big discount which can save you a considerable amount. This type of paint is normally best for jobs designed to protect items without carrying as much about the color. Of course, you can remix the paint and come up with your own color combination.

7. Price Matching

Another way to save money on popular items is price matching with a recognized store. You will need to find proof of the sale item from another company. Plus, it needs to be identical in terms of product, size, amount, and brand as what Home Depot carries. If you can find the proof, then Home Depot will match the price.

This can be quite handy when shopping for multiple items from Home Depot. That way, you can keep all your purchases in one place and pay less if you decide to have them shipped to your home.

8. Promo Codes

As with most stores, Home Depot offers promo codes that they send in their newsletter, so you can enjoy the savings. If you join Home Depot’s promo text program, you can save up to $5 on your next purchase. This is one of the simplest ways to save money as the codes come to your phone. The company promises not to overwhelm you with texts and limits them to 10 a month. However, for someone who may shop frequently at Home Depot, this may be a great deal that saves money month after month.

9. The 11% Rebate

Home Depot has a rebate center designed to provide an 11% rebate on ticketed items. This does not apply to all items, but you will have to check the rebate center to see if your item applies. The good news is that an 11% rebate will often cover most, if not all the taxes applied to the item depending on where you live but can put more in your wallet just by checking.

The downside is that there is no set method for when the rebate applies, so you may be lucky or out of luck depending on the circumstances.

10. Special Value Sales

These are sales of items that appear in the Special Value page on the Home Depot website. You go to the left side of the page and locate “Saving by Percentage”, which is a filter to make your search. Click on the filter and then see the items that may be reduced up to 40% off the listed price. This is a great way to save big money on certain items.

The downside is that the items included on the list may or may not be what you want. As with most sales, these are usually items that are in low demand or out of season.